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Stud Alpaca - Inca Cayenne
- progeny of Canchones Witness of Inca 

£2000.00 Plus VAT

Inca Cayenne - is our own stud and we need to introduce new bloodlines to the herd. A stunning, very handsome dark brown male which we have had since he was 20 months old. His head is very true and his presence second to none. His fleece is dense and grows to very commercial length to his staple and displays a uniform frequency crimp throughout the saddle, up to the neck and far into his belly. With over five generations of known pedigree on his dams side and a sire that performs well, Inca Cayenne a reliable and strong breeder of quality alpacas. His progeny have won many  prizes at various shows.

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Sire - Canchones Witness of Inca- a multi award winning sire who carries elite genetics that are proven in Australia for fine, dense fleeces and progeny predictability. Now standing as stud in Sweden.

Dam - Inca Adelle Solid Black, very good, long pedigree

Some of Cayenne's Progeny





Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

Great Great Grand Parents

Pitchingga Ridge Maverick (Aust.) [Solid Black]

Jolimont Melanie (Aust.) [Black]  

 Canchones Gravity (Aust.) [Solid Black]

 Andalana Cassius (Aust.) [Solid Black] 

Barmane Park Josephine (Aust.) [Solid Black]

Suricaya Mystic Magic (Aust.) [Solid Black]


Canchones Witness of Inca (Imp) ) Solid Black]

 NWA Ltd Ruffo (USA)(AUST.) (G4574) [White]

Parnabrae Zeus (Aust.) [Solid Black]

 Purrumbete Christine (Aust.)

Pachamama Athena (Aust.) [Dark Brown]

Coonawarra Julius (Aust.) [Solid Black]

Pachamama Tinina (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya

Shanda Princess Dye (Aust.) [Black]


PER.M - Peruvian Male


Koricancha Sinbad of Wessex (Import)  [Solid Black]


PER.F - Peruvian Female



 Inca Adelle (INCBASUK44) [Solid Black] Huacaya

Kurrawa Jolson (Aust.) [Black] Huacaya

 Kurrawa Bronson (Aust.) [Solid Black] Huacaya

Kurrawa Whitney (Aust.) [Black] Huacaya

Twyla of Inca (Imp) (INCBASUK6) [Solid Black] Huacaya

 Kurrawa Bentley (Aust.) [Dark Grey] Huacaya

Narooma Twighlight (Aust.) [Mid Grey] Huacaya

Narooma Moon Beam (Aust.) [White] Huacaya