Hollycombe Alpacas - Devon


What is an Alpaca?
Part of the camelid family - camels, llamas. There are two types - Suri known for it's long pencil non crimped fibre and Huacaya with a crimped fibre

How long do they live?
An alpaca can live to about 20 years of age

What do they eat?
Alpacas mainly eat grass and hay, with water available at all times. We also feed Camelibra supplement twice a day, to ensure they receive the right balance of of vitamins and minerals

How much land?
You can keep 5 - 10 animals on an acre depending on quality of your grass and the time of year

Do they require Shelters and Fencing?
Alpacas require shelters to enable them to get out of the rain and shade from the sun. Four foot fences are high enough. Small catch pen for ease of handling. Do not use barbed wire as they can be easily entangled

Are Alpacas alright on their own?
NO - they are a herd animal and must be in a minimum group of two or three

What do you do with an Alpaca?
They provide an excellent investment opportunity. A high quality male with good progeny can be worth thousands from his stud services. The fleece comparable to cashmere. They are good companions for sheep and goats. Most alpacas make very good pets, they are curious and intelligent. Eating out of your hand and halter led

Do Alpacas travel well?
They are remarkably good travellers. Easily transported in a large van or stock trailer. Sitting down in transit.